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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 000007-9031AchromatosisGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 002108-9031Barring, autosomalGallus galluschicken MC1R 2021 2021-04-14
OMIA 000102-9031Barring, sex-linkedGallus galluschicken CDKN2A 2010 2017-05-20
OMIA 000142-9031Blue eggshellGallus galluschicken SLCO1B3 2013 2021-11-03
OMIA 001696-9031Earlobe pigmentationGallus galluschicken 2012-10-17
OMIA 000326-9031Egg shell colourGallus galluschicken 2021-10-20
OMIA 000368-9031Feather colourGallus galluschicken 2021-06-10
OMIA 000369-9031Feather colour, albinismGallus galluschicken TYR 2000 2021-08-31
OMIA 000370-9031Feather colour, albinism, sex-linked, imperfectGallus galluschicken 2017-12-10
OMIA 001701-9031Feather colour, blueGallus galluschicken 2012-07-06
OMIA 001259-9031Feather colour, chocolateGallus galluschicken TYRP1 2018 2019-05-30
OMIA 001569-9031Feather colour, dark brownGallus galluschicken SOX10 2011 2022-03-10
OMIA 001445-9031Feather colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedGallus galluschicken MLPH 2008 2017-09-01
OMIA 000373-9031Feather colour, dominant whiteGallus galluschicken PMEL 2004 2022-02-23
OMIA 001151-9031Feather colour, eumelanin dilution blueGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 001152-9031Feather colour, eumelanin extensionGallus galluschicken GJA5 2021 2021-10-08
OMIA 001153-9031Feather colour, eumelanin restrictorGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 000374-9031Feather colour, extended blackGallus galluschicken MC1R 2003 2021-09-27
OMIA 001904-9031Feather colour, mottlingGallus galluschicken EDNRB2 2014 2014-01-29
OMIA 001252-9031Feather colour, recessive whiteGallus galluschicken 2020-02-25
OMIA 000915-9031Feather colour, silverGallus galluschicken SLC45A2 2007 2017-12-10
OMIA 000376-9031Feather colour, snow white downGallus galluschicken 2011-10-17
OMIA 001068-9031Feather colour, white wingGallus galluschicken 2011-11-04
OMIA 001602-9031Feather colour, yellowGallus galluschicken 2020-08-03
OMIA 002200-9031Hyperpigmentation, ASIP-relatedGallus galluschicken 2019-05-30
OMIA 002129-9031Hyperpigmentation, MITF-relatedGallus galluschicken 2017-09-21
OMIA 001671-9031Hyperpigmentation, Silky/Silkie (Fibromelanosis)Gallus galluschicken EDN3 2011 2017-09-02
OMIA 002255-9031Skin colour, genericGallus galluschicken 2021-10-03
OMIA 001449-9031Skin/shank colour, yellowGallus galluschicken BCO2 2008 2022-03-07