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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 002446-9615Alanine aminotransferase, reduced activtyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2021-10-03
OMIA 000038-9615Amyloidosis, AACanis lupus familiarisdog 2021-04-23
OMIA 000037-9615Amyloidosis, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 001810-9615Beta blocker response in heart failureCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-08-05
OMIA 002254-9615Glucocorticoid resistanceCanis lupus familiarisdog NR3C1 2019 2020-05-15
OMIA 000420-9615Glycogen storage disease IVCanis lupus familiarisdog 2020-10-15
OMIA 000499-9615HypercholesterolaemiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 001160-9615HyperlipidaemiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 002063-9615Hyperlipidaemia/atherosclerosis, APOE-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog APOE 2021 2021-11-03
OMIA 001210-9615HyperlipoproteinaemiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 000514-9615HypertriglyceridaemiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2020-11-03
OMIA 001138-9615HypocatalasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog CAT 2000 2016-08-21
OMIA 001786-9615Intestinal cobalamin malabsorption, CUBN-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CUBN 2013 2020-10-27
OMIA 000621-9615Malignant hyperthermiaCanis lupus familiarisdog RYR1 2001 2022-05-22
OMIA 001405-9615Metabolizer of a cognitive enhancerCanis lupus familiarisdog CYP1A2 2004 2012-09-22
OMIA 002551-9615mitochondrial fission encephalopathyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2022-05-16
OMIA 001402-9615Multidrug resistance 1, ABCB1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ABCB1 2001 2022-05-23
OMIA 001406-9615Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog PDP1 2007 2016-08-28
OMIA 000844-9615Pyruvate kinase deficiency of erythrocyteCanis lupus familiarisdog PKLR 1994 2016-08-28