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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 001444-9615Multifocal retinopathy 1Canis lupus familiarisdog BEST1 2007
OMIA 001553-9615Multifocal retinopathy 2Canis lupus familiarisdog BEST1 2007
OMIA 001554-9615Multifocal retinopathy 3Canis lupus familiarisdog BEST1 2010
OMIA 000669-9615Multiple anomaliesCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000733-9913Multiple ocular defectsBos tauruscattle WFDC1 2009
OMIA 000733-9796Multiple ocular defectsEquus caballushorse PMEL 2011
OMIA 001468-9615Multiple system degenerationCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000673-9913Mummified foetusBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000674-9913Muscle contractureBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000679-9031Muscular dystrophyGallus galluschicken WWP1 2008
OMIA 000679-452646Muscular dystrophyNeovison visonAmerican mink
OMIA 000679-9940Muscular dystrophyOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001619-9685Muscular dystrophy, congenital merosin-deficientFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001081-9615Muscular dystrophy, Duchenne typeCanis lupus familiarisdog DMD 1992
OMIA 001081-9685Muscular dystrophy, Duchenne typeFelis catusdomestic cat DMD 1994
OMIA 001081-9823Muscular dystrophy, Duchenne typeSus scrofapig
OMIA 002122-9615Muscular dystrophy, limb-girdle, type 2F Canis lupus familiarisdog SGCD 2017
OMIA 001967-9615Muscular dystrophy, Ullrich typeCanis lupus familiarisdog COL6A1 2015
OMIA 001621-9685Muscular dystrophy-dystroglycanopathy (limb-girdle)Felis catusdomestic cat COLQ 2015
OMIA 000683-9913Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling)Bos tauruscattle MSTN 1997
OMIA 000683-9615Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling)Canis lupus familiarisdog MSTN 2007
OMIA 000683-9823Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling)Sus scrofapig MSTN 2008
OMIA 001354-9940Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling), CallipygeOvis ariessheep DLK1 2002
OMIA 001355-9940Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling), CarwellOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001426-9940Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling), TexelOvis ariessheep MSTN 2006
OMIA 001509-9615Musladin-Lueke syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog ADAMTSL2 2010
OMIA 000684-9615Myasthenia gravisCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 002072-9615Myasthenic syndrome, congenital, CHAT-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CHAT 2007
OMIA 000685-9913Myasthenic syndrome, congenital, CHRNE-relatedBos tauruscattle CHRNE 2002
OMIA 000685-9615Myasthenic syndrome, congenital, CHRNE-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CHRNE 2015
OMIA 001928-9615Myasthenic syndrome, congenital, COLQ-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog LOC608697 2014
OMIA 000827-9913Myeloencephalopathy, progressive degenerative (Weaver syndrome)Bos tauruscattle PNPLA8 2016
OMIA 002028-9615Myeloperoxidase deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog MPO 2016
OMIA 000689-9913MyoclonusBos tauruscattle GLRA1 2001
OMIA 000689-9796MyoclonusEquus caballushorse
OMIA 000690-9615Myoclonus epilepsy of LaforaCanis lupus familiarisdog NHLRC1 2005
OMIA 001319-9913Myopathy of the diaphragmatic musclesBos tauruscattle HSPA1A 2003
OMIA 001374-9615Myopathy, centronuclearCanis lupus familiarisdog HACD1 2005
OMIA 001660-9615Myopathy, Great DaneCanis lupus familiarisdog BIN1 2013
OMIA 000698-89462MyotoniaBubalus bubaliswater buffalo CLCN1 2013
OMIA 000698-9615MyotoniaCanis lupus familiarisdog CLCN1 1999
OMIA 000698-9925MyotoniaCapra hircusgoat CLCN1 1996
OMIA 000698-9796MyotoniaEquus caballushorse CLCN1 2012
OMIA 000698-9685MyotoniaFelis catusdomestic cat CLCN1 2014
OMIA 000698-9940MyotoniaOvis ariessheep CLCN1 2015
OMIA 000699-93934Myotonic dystrophyCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail
OMIA 001508-9615Myotubular myopathy 1Canis lupus familiarisdog MTM1 2010
OMIA 000700-452646NakedNeovison visonAmerican mink
OMIA 000700-9986NakedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 002096-9796Naked foal syndromeEquus caballushorse ST14 2017
OMIA 000701-9031Naked neckGallus galluschicken GDF7 2011
OMIA 001634-9031Naked, OttawaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001753-9031Naked, sex-linkedGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000702-9031NanomeliaGallus galluschicken ACAN 1994
OMIA 000703-9615NarcolepsyCanis lupus familiarisdog HCRTR2 1999
OMIA 001568-9986Narrow axisOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 001373-9615Nasal parakeratosisCanis lupus familiarisdog SUV39H2 2013
OMIA 002137-9615Nemaline myopathy, NEB-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog NEB 2016
OMIA 001088-9823Neonatal diarrhoea, K88/F4, resistance toSus scrofapig
OMIA 001471-9615Neonatal encephalopathy with seizuresCanis lupus familiarisdog ATF2 2008
OMIA 001114-9615Nephritis, autosomal dominantCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001359-9615Nephritis, autosomal recessiveCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001112-9615Nephritis, X-linkedCanis lupus familiarisdog COL4A5 1994
OMIA 000710-9615NephropathyCanis lupus familiarisdog COL4A4 2007
OMIA 000715-9986Neuroaxonal dystrophy, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 002153-9615Neuroaxonal dystrophy, MFN2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog MFN2 2011
OMIA 002105-9615Neuroaxonal dystrophy, PLA2G6-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog PLA2G6 2017
OMIA 001975-9615Neuroaxonal dystrophy, TECPR2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog TECPR2 2015
OMIA 002152-9615Neuroaxonal dystrophy, VPS11-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog VPS11 2018
OMIA 002125-9913NeurocristopathyBos tauruscattle CHD7 2017
OMIA 001954-9615Neurodegenerative vacuolar storage diseaseCanis lupus familiarisdog ATG4D 2015
OMIA 000720-9615Neurological syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001504-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 1Canis lupus familiarisdog PPT1 2010
OMIA 001505-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 10Canis lupus familiarisdog CTSD 2006
OMIA 001505-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 10Ovis ariessheep LOC443060 2000
OMIA 001552-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 12Canis lupus familiarisdog ATP13A2 2011
OMIA 001472-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 2Canis lupus familiarisdog TPP1 2006
OMIA 001503-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 4ACanis lupus familiarisdog ARSG 2010
OMIA 001482-9913Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 5Bos tauruscattle CLN5 2006
OMIA 001482-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 5Canis lupus familiarisdog CLN5 2005
OMIA 001482-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 5Ovis ariessheep CLN5 2008
OMIA 001443-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 6Canis lupus familiarisdog CLN6 2011
OMIA 001443-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 6Ovis ariessheep CLN6 2006
OMIA 001962-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 7Canis lupus familiarisdog MFSD8 2015
OMIA 001962-9542Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 7Macaca fuscataJapanese macaque CLN7 2018
OMIA 001506-9615Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 8Canis lupus familiarisdog CLN8 2005
OMIA 000181-9913Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, genericBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000181-9615Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000181-9940Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, genericOvis ariessheep
OMIA 002032-9615Neuropathy, sensoryCanis lupus familiarisdog FAM134B 2016
OMIA 001467-9615Neuropathy, sensory ataxicCanis lupus familiarisdog tRNA-Tyr 2009
OMIA 000248-9615Neutropenia, cyclicCanis lupus familiarisdog AP3B1 2003
OMIA 000724-9615Niemann-Pick diseaseCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000725-9685Niemann-Pick disease, type C1Felis catusdomestic cat NPC1 2003
OMIA 002065-9685Niemann-Pick disease, type C2Felis catusdomestic cat NPC2 2014
OMIA 001486-9615Night blindness, congenital stationaryCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001341-9796Night blindness, congenital stationaryEquus caballushorse TRPM1 2011
OMIA 001236-9940Nucleoside transport defectOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001236-9823Nucleoside transport defectSus scrofapig
OMIA 001804-9615Ocular melanosisCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000735-9796Ocular squamous cell carcinomaEquus caballushorse DDB2 2017
OMIA 002101-9913Oculocutaneous hypopigmentationBos tauruscattle

Gene not yet published

OMIA 001522-9615Oculoskeletal dysplasia 1Canis lupus familiarisdog COL9A3 2010
OMIA 001523-9615Oculoskeletal dysplasia 2Canis lupus familiarisdog COL9A2 2010
OMIA 001612-9031OligozeugodactylyGallus galluschicken LMBR1 2011
OMIA 001305-42254Open eyelids at birthSorex araneusEuropean shrew
OMIA 001116-9615Optic chiasm, absence ofCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001315-9615OsteochondrodysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC13A1 2012
OMIA 001315-9685OsteochondrodysplasiaFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001214-9615OsteochondromatosisCanis lupus familiarisdog EXT2 2018
OMIA 000753-9685OsteodystrophyFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 002112-9615Osteogenesis imperfecta, COL1A2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog COL1A2 2001
OMIA 000754-9913Osteogenesis imperfecta, genericBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000754-9615Osteogenesis imperfecta, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000754-9940Osteogenesis imperfecta, genericOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001483-9615Osteogenesis imperfecta, SERPINH1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SERPINH1 2009
OMIA 002127-9913Osteogenesis imperfecta, type II, COL1A1-relatedBos tauruscattle COL1A1 2017
OMIA 002126-9615Osteogenesis imperfecta, type III, COL1A1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog COL1A1 2000
OMIA 000755-9913OsteopetrosisBos tauruscattle SLC4A2 2010
OMIA 000755-93934OsteopetrosisCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail MITF 2001
OMIA 000755-9986OsteopetrosisOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 001887-9913Osteopetrosis with gingival hamartomasBos tauruscattle CLCN7 2014
OMIA 001441-9615OsteosarcomaCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001230-9913Ovotesticular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Bos tauruscattle SRY 1996
OMIA 001230-9796Ovotesticular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Equus caballushorse SRY 1995
OMIA 001230-9986Ovotesticular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Oryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 002088-9615Palmoplantar keratoderma, nonepidermolytic, focal 1Canis lupus familiarisdog KRT16 2015
OMIA 001403-9615Pancreatitis, hereditaryCanis lupus familiarisdog SPINK1 2010
OMIA 000011-9986Paresis, posteriorOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 000772-9031ParoxysmGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000782-9031Pea combGallus galluschicken SOX5 2009
OMIA 000783-9986Pelger-Huet anomalyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 002003-9986Pelt-lossOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 001188-9615PemphigusCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001817-9913Perinatal weak calf syndromeBos tauruscattle IARS 2013
OMIA 001561-9615Periodic Fever SyndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog sHAS2, MTBP 2011
OMIA 000786-9925PeromeliaCapra hircusgoat
OMIA 000788-9031PerosisGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000791-9615Persistent Mullerian duct syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog AMHR2 2009
OMIA 001311-9615Photoreceptor dysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog PPT1 2019
OMIA 001700-9031Pink eyeGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001154-9031Plumage pattern (Blue Andalusian)Gallus galluschicken
OMIA 001736-9913Polled and multisystemic syndromeBos tauruscattle ZEB2 2012
OMIA 000483-30521Polled/HornsBos grunniensdomestic yak POLLED 2017
OMIA 000483-9913Polled/HornsBos tauruscattle POLLED 2012
OMIA 000483-9925Polled/HornsCapra hircusgoat FOXL2 2001
OMIA 000483-9940Polled/HornsOvis ariessheep RXFP2 2011
OMIA 000806-9940PolyceratyOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000807-9615Polycystic kidney diseaseCanis lupus familiarisdog PKD1 2011
OMIA 000807-9685Polycystic kidney diseaseFelis catusdomestic cat PKD1 2004
OMIA 000807-9940Polycystic kidney diseaseOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000809-9615PolycythemiaCanis lupus familiarisdog JAK2 2011
OMIA 000810-8932PolydactylyColumba liviarock pigeon
OMIA 000810-9685PolydactylyFelis catusdomestic cat SHH 2008
OMIA 000810-9031PolydactylyGallus galluschicken sLMBR1, SHH 2010
OMIA 002120-9615Polyneuropathy, NDRG1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog NDRG1 2010
OMIA 001917-9615Polyneuropathy, ARHGEF10-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ARHGEF10 2014
OMIA 001292-9615Polyneuropathy, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 002119-9615Polyneuropathy, GJA9-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog GJA9 2017
OMIA 001970-9615Polyneuropathy, RAB3GAP1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog RAB3GAP1 2015
OMIA 001158-9796Polysaccharide storage myopathy/Exertional rhabdomyolysisEquus caballushorse GYS1 2008
OMIA 001253-9031Pop-eyeGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000814-93934PorcupineCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail
OMIA 001176-9940Porphyria cutanea tardaOvis ariessheep urod 2005
OMIA 001493-9685Porphyria, acute intermittentFelis catusdomestic cat HMBS 2010
OMIA 001175-9913Porphyria, congenital erythropoieticBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001175-9685Porphyria, congenital erythropoieticFelis catusdomestic cat UROS 2010
OMIA 001175-9823Porphyria, congenital erythropoieticSus scrofapig
OMIA 000815-9685Porphyria, unclassifiedFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 000815-9823Porphyria, unclassifiedSus scrofapig
OMIA 000818-9940Potassium transportOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000819-9615Prekallikrein deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog KLKB1 2011
OMIA 000820-9031PrenatalGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001672-9615Primary hyperoxaluria type I (Oxalosis I)Canis lupus familiarisdog LOC607355 2012
OMIA 000821-9685Primary hyperoxaluria type II (Oxalosis II)Felis catusdomestic cat GRHPR 2009
OMIA 000829-9823Progressive myopathySus scrofapig
OMIA 000830-9615Progressive retinal atrophyCanis lupus familiarisdog CNGB1 2013
OMIA 000830-9685Progressive retinal atrophyFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001876-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, BasenjiCanis lupus familiarisdog SAG 2013
OMIA 001977-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, CNGA1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CNGA1 2015
OMIA 001932-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, MERTK-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog MERTK 2017
OMIA 001918-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, type 3, FAM161A-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog FAM161A 2014
OMIA 002085-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, WhippetCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000831-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, X-linked, type 1Canis lupus familiarisdog RPGR 2002
OMIA 001518-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, X-linked, type 2Canis lupus familiarisdog RPGR 2002
OMIA 001517-9615Progressive retinal atrophy, X-linked, type 3Canis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001298-9615Progressive rod-cone degenerationCanis lupus familiarisdog PRCD 2006
OMIA 000834-9913Protamine-2 deficiencyBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000834-9823Protamine-2 deficiencySus scrofapig
OMIA 000835-9796Protein C deficiencyEquus caballushorse
OMIA 000836-9913ProtoporphyriaBos tauruscattle FECH 1998
OMIA 000836-9031ProtoporphyriaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001464-9913Pseudomyotonia, congenitalBos tauruscattle ATP2A1 2008
OMIA 001934-9913Ptosis, intellectual disability, retarded growth and mortality (PIRM) syndrome (Haplotype AH1)Bos tauruscattle UBE3B 2014
OMIA 001562-9913Pulmonary hypoplasia with anasarcaBos tauruscattle

Gene not yet published

OMIA 001406-9615Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog PDP1 2007
OMIA 000844-9615Pyruvate kinase deficiency of erythrocyteCanis lupus familiarisdog PKLR 1994
OMIA 000844-9685Pyruvate kinase deficiency of erythrocyteFelis catusdomestic cat PKLR 1997
OMIA 000846-10036QuakingMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster
OMIA 001691-9615Recombination rateCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000850-9913Rectovaginal constrictionBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001234-9940Reduced glutathione deficiency due to amino-acid transport defectOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000853-9940Reduced glutathione deficiency due to GCS deficiencyOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001235-9940Reduced glutathione deficiency, unclassifiedOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001695-8090Reduced scale-3Oryzias latipesJapanese medaka edar 2001
OMIA 001335-9615Renal cystadenocarcinoma and nodular dermatofibrosisCanis lupus familiarisdog FLCN 2003
OMIA 001257-9823Renal cystsSus scrofapig
OMIA 001135-9913Renal dysplasiaBos tauruscattle CLDN16 2000
OMIA 001299-9031Resistance to avian sarcoma and leukosis viruses, subgroup AGallus galluschicken CD320 2004
OMIA 001302-9031Resistance to avian sarcoma and leukosis viruses, subgroup BGallus galluschicken TNFRSF10B 2002
OMIA 001622-9031Resistance to avian sarcoma and leukosis viruses, subgroup CGallus galluschicken BTN1A1 2005
OMIA 001956-9031Resistance to avian sarcoma and leukosis viruses, subgroup JGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001725-7959Resistance to grass carp reovirusCtenopharyngodon idellagrass carp CiRIG-I 2012
OMIA 001534-9031Resistance to myxovirusGallus galluschicken MX1 2002
OMIA 000862-9823Resistance to oedema disease (F18 receptor)Sus scrofapig FUT1 2000
OMIA 000863-9031Resistance to rous sarcoma virusGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001726-9823Resistance to Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesuis (SC)Sus scrofapig
OMIA 001627-9031Resistance to systemic salmonellosisGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001694-9685Resistance/susceptibility to lentivirusFelis catusdomestic cat APOBEC3C 2016
OMIA 002073-9913Resistance/susceptibility to Mannheimia haemolytica leukotoxinBos tauruscattle ITGB2 2016
OMIA 000101-9615Respiratory distress syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog ANLN 2017
OMIA 000864-9940Response to noradrenalineOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000865-9031Restricted ovulatorGallus galluschicken VLDLR 1995
OMIA 001182-9615Retinal and skeletal dysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001245-9031Retinal degeneration IGallus galluschicken GC1 1998
OMIA 001244-9685Retinal degeneration IIFelis catusdomestic cat CEP290 2007
OMIA 001869-9031Retinal degeneration, Smoky JoeGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001366-9031Retinal dysplasia and degenerationGallus galluschicken MPDZ 2011
OMIA 001420-9615Retinal dysplasia and persistent primary vitreousCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001613-9685Retinal dystrophy, early onset, BengalFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001413-9823Retinitis pigmentosaSus scrofapig
OMIA 002029-9913Retinitis pigmentosa 1Bos tauruscattle RP1 2016
OMIA 001368-9031Retinopathy globe enlargedGallus galluschicken GNB3 2006
OMIA 001566-10036Rex coatMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster
OMIA 001566-9986Rex coatOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit LIPH 2011
OMIA 002005-9986Rex coat, r2 typeOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 002006-9986Rex coat, r3 typeOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 000876-9031RiboflavinuriaGallus galluschicken RBP 1993
OMIA 001101-9031Ribosomal RNA deficiencyGallus galluschicken NOR 1994
OMIA 001670-9615Rod dysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000880-10141Rod-cone degenerationCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig
OMIA 000881-9685Rod-cone dysplasiaFelis catusdomestic cat CRX 2010
OMIA 000882-9615Rod-cone dysplasia 1Canis lupus familiarisdog PDE6B 1993
OMIA 001669-9615Rod-cone dysplasia 1aCanis lupus familiarisdog PDE6B 2000
OMIA 001260-9615Rod-cone dysplasia 2Canis lupus familiarisdog RD3 2009
OMIA 001314-9615Rod-cone dysplasia 3Canis lupus familiarisdog PDE6A 1999
OMIA 001575-9615Rod-cone dysplasia 4Canis lupus familiarisdog C17H2orf71 2013
OMIA 000884-9031Rose combGallus galluschicken MNR2 2012
OMIA 001633-9031RumplessnessGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000889-9031ScalelessGallus galluschicken FGF20 2012
OMIA 001353-9615Scott SyndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog ANO6 2015
OMIA 002186-9615Screw tailCanis lupus familiarisdog DVL2 2018
OMIA 000894-9913ScursBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001593-9913Scurs, type 2Bos tauruscattle TWIST1 2011
OMIA 000220-9615Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomalCanis lupus familiarisdog PRKDC 2002
OMIA 000220-9796Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomalEquus caballushorse PRKDC 1997
OMIA 001574-9615Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomal, T cell-negative, B cell-negative, NK cell-positiveCanis lupus familiarisdog RAG1 2011
OMIA 001574-9823Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomal, T cell-negative, B cell-negative, NK cell-positiveSus scrofapig
OMIA 001986-9823Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomal, T cell-negative, B cell-negative, NK cell-positive, with sensitivity to ionizing radiationSus scrofapig DCLRE1C 2015
OMIA 000899-9615Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, X-linkedCanis lupus familiarisdog IL2RG 1994
OMIA 000899-9823Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, X-linkedSus scrofapig
OMIA 001728-8128Sex determinationOreochromis niloticusNile tilapia 2016
OMIA 001728-31033Sex determinationTakifugu rubripestorafugu Amhr2 2012
OMIA 000900-244447Sex reversal, genericCynoglossus semilaevistongue sole
OMIA 000903-9031ShakerGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001635-9031ShanklessGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000907-9031Shanks, greenGallus galluschicken
OMIA 002066-102329Shell colourPinctada margaritifera
OMIA 001308-93934Short beakCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail
OMIA 000911-9913Short spineBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000914-9940Silky woolOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000913-9031Silky/Silkie featheringGallus galluschicken PDSS2 2014
OMIA 002013-9796Skeletal atavismEquus caballushorse SHOX 2016
OMIA 001772-9615Skeletal dysplasia 2 (SD2)Canis lupus familiarisdog COL11A2 2013
OMIA 001449-9031Skin/shank colour, yellowGallus galluschicken BCO2 2008
OMIA 000921-9031Sleepy eyeGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001372-9913Slick hairBos tauruscattle PRLR 2014
OMIA 000927-9913Spastic lethalBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000931-9031Sperm degenerationGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001334-9913Sperm, short tailBos tauruscattle ARMC3 2016
OMIA 001334-9823Sperm, short tailSus scrofapig SPEF2 2006
OMIA 001673-9823Spermatogenic arrestSus scrofapig TEX14 2011
OMIA 001228-9913SpherocytosisBos tauruscattle SLC4A1 1996
OMIA 001228-9615SpherocytosisCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001228-10042SpherocytosisPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse
OMIA 000933-9940Spina bifidaOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001247-9913Spinal dysmyelinationBos tauruscattle SPAST 2010
OMIA 000938-9615Spinal dysraphismCanis lupus familiarisdog NKX2-8 2013
OMIA 000939-9913Spinal muscular atrophyBos tauruscattle KDSR 2007
OMIA 000939-9615Spinal muscular atrophyCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000939-9685Spinal muscular atrophyFelis catusdomestic cat LIX1 2006
OMIA 001944-9615Spondylocostal dysostosis, autosomal recessiveCanis lupus familiarisdog HES7 2015
OMIA 001448-9615Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, congenital typeCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 000944-9913Spongiform encephalopathyBos tauruscattle PRNP 2008
OMIA 000944-9925Spongiform encephalopathyCapra hircusgoat PRNP 1996
OMIA 000944-9940Spongiform encephalopathyOvis ariessheep PRNP 1990
OMIA 002179-9615Stargardt disease 1Canis lupus familiarisdog ABCA4 2019
OMIA 001705-9940Sterility, Irish CambridgeOvis ariessheep
OMIA 002018-9615Stiff skin syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001991-9913StillbirthBos tauruscattle 2016
OMIA 001685-9823Stress syndromeSus scrofapig DMD 2012
OMIA 001730-9031StringyGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001532-57062StripesHypothenemus hampeicoffee berry borer
OMIA 001192-93934Stumpy limbCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail
OMIA 000951-9031Stumpy wingGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000952-9615Subaortic stenosisCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001617-32536Sweet taste, lack ofAcinonyx jubatuscheetah TAS1R2 2005
OMIA 001617-9685Sweet taste, lack ofFelis catusdomestic cat TAS1R2 2005
OMIA 001617-9694Sweet taste, lack ofPanthera tigristiger TAS1R2 2005
OMIA 000963-9913Syndactyly (mule foot)Bos tauruscattle LRP4 2006
OMIA 002150-9913Syndrome des veaux tourneurs (Turning calves syndrome)Bos tauruscattle SLC25A46 2017
OMIA 001731-33616Tail feathers, number ofGymnogyps californianusCalifornia condor
OMIA 001452-9913Tail, crookedBos tauruscattle MRC2 2009
OMIA 000973-9913Tail, kinkyBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000975-9615Tail, shortCanis lupus familiarisdog T 2001
OMIA 000975-9685Tail, shortFelis catusdomestic cat T 2013
OMIA 001510-9913Tail, wryBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000977-9940TaillessnessOvis ariessheep
OMIA 000978-9031Talpid-2Gallus galluschicken
OMIA 000979-9031Talpid-3Gallus galluschicken KIAA0586 2006
OMIA 001644-10036TauMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster
OMIA 000992-9913Testicular hypoplasiaBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000992-9925Testicular hypoplasiaCapra hircusgoat
OMIA 000993-9103Tetanic torticollar spasmsMeleagris gallopavoturkey
OMIA 000999-93934Throat tuftCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail
OMIA 001000-9615ThrombastheniaCanis lupus familiarisdog ITGA2B 2000
OMIA 001000-9796ThrombastheniaEquus caballushorse ITGA2B 2006
OMIA 001001-9615ThrombocytopeniaCanis lupus familiarisdog TUBB1 2008
OMIA 001003-9913ThrombopathiaBos tauruscattle RASGRP2 2007
OMIA 001003-9615ThrombopathiaCanis lupus familiarisdog RASGRP1 2007
OMIA 001004-9615Thromboxane responsiveness of plateletsCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001009-9913Tibial hemimeliaBos tauruscattle ALX4 2012
OMIA 001428-9615Trapped Neutrophil SyndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog VPS13B 2011
OMIA 001200-9823Tremor, high-frequencySus scrofapig MYH7 2012
OMIA 000770-9615Tremor, X-linkedCanis lupus familiarisdog PLP1 1990
OMIA 000770-9986Tremor, X-linkedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit PLP1 1994
OMIA 000770-9823Tremor, X-linkedSus scrofapig
OMIA 002109-9913Tricho-dento-osseous-like syndromeBos tauruscattle DLX3 2017
OMIA 001345-9615Tricuspid valve dysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001360-9913Trimethylaminuria (fishy taint)Bos tauruscattle FMO3 2002
OMIA 001360-9031Trimethylaminuria (fishy taint)Gallus galluschicken FMO3 2005
OMIA 002054-9823TumourSus scrofapig
OMIA 002078-9823Tyrosinemia, type ISus scrofapig
OMIA 001141-452646Tyrosinemia, type IINeovison visonAmerican mink
OMIA 001657-9031Upper beak, missingGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001656-9031Upper beak, shortGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001033-9615UrolithiasisCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC2A9 2008
OMIA 001034-9031Uropygial gland, doubling ofGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001951-9913Vertebral and spinal dysplasiaBos tauruscattle T 2015
OMIA 001048-9913Vertical fibre hide defectBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001050-9103VibratorMeleagris gallopavoturkey
OMIA 001352-9031Visual impairmentGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000837-9685Vitamin D-deficiency rickets, type IFelis catusdomestic cat CYP27B1 2009
OMIA 000837-9823Vitamin D-deficiency rickets, type ISus scrofapig CYP27B1 2003
OMIA 001431-9615Vitamin D-deficiency rickets, type IICanis lupus familiarisdog VDR 2009
OMIA 001054-9685Vitamin-K-dependent blood coagulation factors deficiencyFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001054-9940Vitamin-K-dependent blood coagulation factors deficiencyOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001057-9615Von Willebrand disease ICanis lupus familiarisdog VWF 1998
OMIA 001339-9615Von Willebrand disease IICanis lupus familiarisdog VWF 2004
OMIA 001339-9796Von Willebrand disease IIEquus caballushorse
OMIA 001058-9615Von Willebrand disease IIICanis lupus familiarisdog VWF 1998
OMIA 001058-9685Von Willebrand disease IIIFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001058-9823Von Willebrand disease IIISus scrofapig VWF 2018
OMIA 001056-9615Von Willebrand disease, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001056-9796Von Willebrand disease, genericEquus caballushorse
OMIA 001056-9685Von Willebrand disease, genericFelis catusdomestic cat
OMIA 001056-9986Von Willebrand disease, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit
OMIA 001056-9823Von Willebrand disease, genericSus scrofapig
OMIA 001698-9031Vulture hocksGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001059-10036Waardenburg syndrome, genericMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster
OMIA 001401-10036Waardenburg syndrome, type 2AMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster MITF 2003
OMIA 001401-9823Waardenburg syndrome, type 2ASus scrofapig MITF 2016
OMIA 001765-9940Waardenburg syndrome, type 4A Ovis ariessheep EDNRB 2012
OMIA 001061-9925WattlesCapra hircusgoat
OMIA 001067-9031White skinGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001071-9615Wilson diseaseCanis lupus familiarisdog ATP7B 2016
OMIA 001988-9615Wilson disease, COMMD1 typeCanis lupus familiarisdog COMMD1 2005
OMIA 002189-8932Wing pattern pigmentationColumba liviarock pigeon NDP 2018
OMIA 001073-9031WinglessGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001549-9031Wingless, JapaneseGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001548-9031Wingless, sex-linkedGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001547-9031Wingless-2Gallus galluschicken
OMIA 001658-9031Wiry feathersGallus galluschicken
OMIA 002026-8932WobblyColumba liviarock pigeon
OMIA 001598-9940Wool sheddingOvis ariessheep
OMIA 001256-9823Woolly hairSus scrofapig
OMIA 001283-9615Xanthinuria, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog
OMIA 001819-9913Xanthinuria, type IIBos tauruscattle MOCOS 2000
OMIA 000901-7962XX testicular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Cyprinus carpiocommon carp
OMIA 000901-9844XX testicular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Lama glamallama
OMIA 000901-8090XX testicular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Oryzias latipesJapanese medaka
OMIA 001709-8090XY Ovotesticular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development)Oryzias latipesJapanese medaka DMRT1 2012
OMIA 001079-9913Yellow fatBos tauruscattle BCO2 2009
OMIA 001079-9986Yellow fatOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit BCO2 2015
OMIA 001079-9940Yellow fatOvis ariessheep BCO2 2010
OMIA 001935-9913Zinc deficiency-like syndromeBos tauruscattle PLD4 2014