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Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) is a catalogue/compendium of inherited disorders, other (single-locus) traits, and associated genes and variants in 497 animal species (other than human and mouse and rats and zebrafish and western clawed frog, which have their own resources) co-authored by Professor Frank Nicholas and Associate Professor Imke Tammen of the University of Sydney, Australia, with help from many people over the years. OMIA information is stored in a database that contains textual information and references, as well as links to relevant PubMed and Gene records at the NCBI, to OMIM, Ensembl, Mondo Disease Ontology and the Vertebrate Breed Ontology (VBO).

OMIA is manually curated by a team of specialists. If you see an error or wish to submit an entry, please contact us.

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From 1st September 2011, the OMIA ID is binomial. To better conform to global standards, in March 2023 the binomial format was changed slightly by replacing a space with a colon, i.e. OMIA:xxxxxx-yyyy.., where xxxxxx is the 6-digit number for a trait/disorder, and yyyy.. is the NCBI species taxonomy id (usually four digits, but sometimes longer).

We have recently launched the Pioneers of Mendelian Inheritance in Animals project (PMIA), an exploration of the history of research into Mendelian inheritance in animals.


dog taurine cattle cat pig sheep horse chicken rabbit goat Other TOTAL
TOTAL TRAITS/DISORDERS 919 668 428 381 317 278 256 131 124 1279 4884
Mendelian trait/disorder 418 303 142 138 125 62 137 78 26 396 1894
Mendelian trait/disorder; likely causal variant(s) known 355 209 110 67 62 49 58 20 18 229 1195
Likely causal variants 527 273 188 72 93 109 72 20 30 197 1600
Potential models for human traits 588 336 272 210 137 152 88 77 56 693 2657