OMIA 000343-9913 : Epididymal aplasia in Bos taurus

In other species: pig , sheep

Mendelian trait/disorder: yes

Mode of inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

Considered a defect: yes

Key variant known: no

Cross-species summary: Total or partial failure of development of the epididymis.


Note: the references are listed in reverse chronological order (from the most recent year to the earliest year), and alphabetically by first author within a year.
1983 Bader, H., Flüge, A., Scherbarth, R., Krause, D. :
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1980 Flüge, A., Scherbarth, R., Krause, D., Günzel, A.R. :
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1972 Konig, H., Weber, W., Kupferschmied, H. :
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1966 Kasbohm, H. :
[Aplasia of the epididymis in bulls]. Monatsh Veterinarmed 21:388-9, 1966. Pubmed reference: 6008651.

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