OMIA:000654-12930 : Myxomatous valvular degeneration in Amazona aestiva (blue-fronted amazon)

In other species: African ostrich , golden eagle , Rose-ringed parakeet , dog , bald eagle , jackass penguin

Categories: Cardiovascular system phene

Links to possible relevant human trait(s) and/or gene(s) in OMIM: 157700 (trait) , 607829 (trait) , 610840 (trait)

Mendelian trait/disorder: unknown

Considered a defect: yes

Cross-species summary: Renamed from 'Mitral valve disease' [28/06/2023]. Disease due to mitral valve (also called bicuspid valve or left atrioventricular valve) or tricuspid valve (also called right atrioventricular valve) or aortic valve degeneration. More than one valve may be may be involved in individual patients. The pathophysiology is unclear, but genetic predispositions have been reported in some species.

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Nicholas, F. W., Tammen, I., & Sydney Informatics Hub. (2023). OMIA:000654-12930: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) [dataset].


2021 Kagohara , A., dos Santos Filho, M., Matieli Marinho, J. P., Marchesi Neves, D., da Silva Alonso, L., Pereira Paiva , J., de Almeida Balthazar, D. :
Myxomatous degeneration of the left atrioventricular valve in a true parrot (Amazona aestiva): a case report. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 42:e104720, 2021. DOI: 10.29374/2527-2179.bjvm104720.

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