OMIA 001687-9615 : Inflammatory bowel disease in Canis lupus familiaris

In other species: domestic cat

Possibly relevant human trait(s) and/or gene(s) (MIM number): 266600 (trait)

Mendelian trait/disorder: unknown

Considered a defect: yes

Species-specific name: Chronic enteropathies (CE) - the term 'inflammatory bowel disease' has been used historically to describe canine chronic enteropathies.

Species-specific symbol: IBD

Prevalence: From a survey of case reports of dogs in south-eastern UK, Kathrani et al. (2011) reported several breeds listed on this page as being at significantly higher risk of developing IBD.

Breeds: Border Collie, Boxer, French Bulldog, German Shepherd Dog, Miniature dachshund, Rottweiler, Weimaraner.


Note: the references are listed in reverse chronological order (from the most recent year to the earliest year), and alphabetically by first author within a year.
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