OMIA:001972-9798 : Coat colour, dun in Equus przewalskii (Przewalski's horse)

In other species: ass (donkey) , horse

Categories: Pigmentation phene

Links to possible relevant human trait(s) and/or gene(s) in OMIM: 601621 (gene)

Mendelian trait/disorder: yes

Considered a defect: no

Key variant known: yes

Molecular basis: Musiał et al. (2023) investigated the presence of two equine TBX3 variants (see OMIA:001972-9796 : Coat colour, dun in Equus caballus) and a MC1R variant associated with 'fox' colour in 23 Przewalski horses: "The coat color genes analyses indicated only native, wild genotypes. ... The results assigned all horses to the [TBX3] genotype with G/G alleles in both SNP loci, and deletions were not observed. ... none of Przewalski horses presented C to T missense mutation associated with an unfavorable [MC1R] ‘fox’ color variant for this species."

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Nicholas, F. W., Tammen, I., & Sydney Informatics Hub. (2023). OMIA:001972-9798: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) [dataset].


2023 Musiał, A.D., Ropka-Molik, K., Stefaniuk-Szmukier, M., Myćka, G., Bieniek, A., Yasynetska, N. :
Characteristic of Przewalski horses population from Askania-Nova reserve based on genetic markers. Mol Biol Rep , 2023. Pubmed reference: 37365410. DOI: 10.1007/s11033-023-08581-4.

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