OMIA:002074-9940 : Tail, fat in Ovis aries (sheep)

Categories: Limbs / fins / digit / tail phene

Mendelian trait/disorder: no

Considered a defect: no

Key variant known: no

Mapping: Pan et al. (2019): "Our findings suggest the fixation of fat tails in domestic sheep is caused by a selective sweep near a retro-transposable hotspot at chromosome 13, the diversity of which specifically affects the expression of BMP2" Dong et al. (2020) "used an extended data set of 968 sheep representing 18 fat-tailed breeds and 14 thin-tailed breeds from around the world, and integrated two statistical tests to detect selection signatures.... The results showed that platelet derived growth factor D (PDGFD) exhibited the highest genetic differentiation between fat- and thin-tailed sheep breeds. Analysis of sequence variation identified that a 6.8-kb region within the first intron of PDGFD is likely the target of positive selection and contains regulatory mutation(s) in fat-tailed sheep." Jin et al. (2022) performed RNA sequencing on Hu and Tibetan sheep. "Eight genes were selected for validation by RT-qPCR. ... results showed that significant genes (BMP2, HOXA11, PPP1CC and LPIN1) are involved in the regulation of adipogenesis metabolism and suggested novel insights into metabolic molecules in sheep fat tails." Kalds et al. (2023) "utilized base-editing technology to generate PDGFD-edited sheep, highlighting its potential involvement in the sheep tail configuration." (GMO)

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