OMIA 002098-9685 : Digital flexor musculotendinous contracture in Felis catus

Category: Limbs / digit / tail phene

Links to MONDO diseases: No links.

Mendelian trait/disorder: unknown

Considered a defect: yes

Pathology: Thom et al. (2017): "Histopathologic analysis of necropsy tissues resulted in a morphologic diagnosis of fibromyositis of the antebrachial muscles causing contracture and flexural deformity of the carpi and phalanges of both thoracic limbs"


2017 Thom, L.K., Pool, R.R., Malik, R. :
Digital flexor musculotendinous contracture in two Devon Rex cats. J Feline Med Surg 19:304-310, 2017. Pubmed reference: 28245736. DOI: 10.1177/1098612X17693503.

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