OMIA:002255-8148 : Skin colour, generic in Tropheus duboisi

In other species: chicken , jeweled splitfin

Categories: Pigmentation phene

Links to MONDO diseases: No links.

Mendelian trait/disorder: unknown

Considered a defect: unknown


Note: the references are listed in reverse chronological order (from the most recent year to the earliest year), and alphabetically by first author within a year.

2020 Ahi, E.P., Lecaudey, L.A., Ziegelbecker, A., Steiner, O., Glabonjat, R., Goessler, W., Hois, V., Wagner, C., Lass, A., Sefc, K.M. :
Comparative transcriptomics reveals candidate carotenoid color genes in an East African cichlid fish. BMC Genomics 21:54, 2020. Pubmed reference: 31948394 . DOI: 10.1186/s12864-020-6473-8.
2013 Maan, M.E., Sefc, K.M. :
Colour variation in cichlid fish: developmental mechanisms, selective pressures and evolutionary consequences. Semin Cell Dev Biol :, 2013. Pubmed reference: 23665150 . DOI: 10.1016/j.semcdb.2013.05.003.

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