OMIA:002402-9541 : Phelan-McDermid syndrome in Macaca fascicularis (crab-eating macaque)

In other species: dog

Categories: Behaviour / neurological phene

Possibly relevant human trait(s) and/or gene(s)s (MIM numbers): 606232 (trait) , 606230 (gene)

Links to MONDO diseases: No links.

Mendelian trait/disorder: yes

Considered a defect: yes

Key variant known: no

Species-specific description: This phene includes references to studies involving genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Associated gene:

Symbol Description Species Chr Location OMIA gene details page Other Links
SHANK3 SH3 and multiple ankyrin repeat domains 3 Macaca fascicularis 10 NC_052264.1 (60609389..60551814) SHANK3 Homologene, Ensembl , NCBI gene

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Nicholas, F. W., Tammen, I., & Sydney Informatics Hub. (2023). OMIA:002402-9541: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) [dataset].


Note: the references are listed in reverse chronological order (from the most recent year to the earliest year), and alphabetically by first author within a year.

2023 Veenstra-VanderWeele, J., O'Reilly, K.C., Dennis, M.Y., Uribe-Salazar, J.M., Amaral, D.G. :
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2019 Tu, Z., Zhao, H., Li, B., Yan, S., Wang, L., Tang, Y., Li, Z., Bai, D., Li, C., Lin, Y., Li, Y., Liu, J., Xu, H., Guo, X., Jiang, Y.H., Zhang, Y.Q., Li, X.J. :
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated disruption of SHANK3 in monkey leads to drug-treatable autism-like symptoms. Hum Mol Genet 28:561-571, 2019. Pubmed reference: 30329048 . DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddy367.
2017 Zhao, H., Tu, Z., Xu, H., Yan, S., Yan, H., Zheng, Y., Yang, W., Zheng, J., Li, Z., Tian, R., Lu, Y., Guo, X., Jiang, Y.H., Li, X.J., Zhang, Y.Q. :
Altered neurogenesis and disrupted expression of synaptic proteins in prefrontal cortex of SHANK3-deficient non-human primate. Cell Res 27:1293-1297, 2017. Pubmed reference: 28741620 . DOI: 10.1038/cr.2017.95.

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