OMIA:002680-8296 : Skin colour, melanoid in Ambystoma mexicanum (axolotl)

Categories: Pigmentation phene

Mendelian trait/disorder: yes

Considered a defect: no

Key variant known: no

Species-specific description: Kabangu et al. (2023): "The melanoid axolotl is a Mendelian variant characterized by large numbers of melanophores, proportionally fewer xanthophores, and no iridophores."

Mapping: Kabangu et al. (2023) " used bulked segregant RNA-Seq to screen the axolotl genome for melanoid candidate genes and identify the associated locus. Dissimilar frequencies of single-nucleotide polymorphisms were identified between pooled RNA samples of wild-type and melanoid siblings for a region on chromosome 14q. This region contains gephyrin (Gphn), an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of the molybdenum cofactor that is required for XDH activity, and leukocyte tyrosine kinase (Ltk), a cell surface signaling receptor that is required for iridophore differentiation in zebrafish. Wild-type Ltk crispants present similar pigment phenotypes to melanoid, strongly implicating Ltk as the melanoid locus."

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