Gene SRY : sex determining region Y in Sus scrofa

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In other species: taurine cattle , horse , rabbit , sheep , ass (donkey)

Symbol: SRY

Description: sex determining region Y

Type of gene: protein-coding

NCBI gene id: 407740

Other designations: sex-determining region Y protein|testis-determining factor

Links: Homologene , Ensembl

Genomic location: Y:40485700..40484990 [Chromosome accession NC_010462.3]

Related phenes:

OMIA:001230-9823 : XY sex reversal, SRY-related in Sus scrofa


2021 Kurtz, S., Lucas-Hahn, A., Schlegelberger, B., Göhring, G., Niemann, H., Mettenleiter, T.C., Petersen, B. :
Knockout of the HMG domain of the porcine SRY gene causes sex reversal in gene-edited pigs. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118, 2021. Pubmed reference: 33443157. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2008743118.