Gene PMEL : premelanosome protein in Bos taurus

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In other species: horse , dog , chicken , domestic yak , Japanese quail

Symbol: PMEL

Synonyms: PMEL17, RPE1, SILV

Description: premelanosome protein

Type of gene: protein-coding

NCBI gene id: 281487

Other designations: melanocyte protein PMEL|melanocyte protein Pmel 17|pre-melanosomal protein 17|retinal pigment epithelial-specific protein|silver homolog|silver locus protein homolog

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Genomic location: 5:57344558..57353370 [Chromosome accession NC_037332.1]

Related phenes:

OMIA:001544-9913 : Hypotrichosis with coat-colour dilution (rat-tail syndrome) in Bos taurus

OMIA:001545-9913 : Coat colour, dilution, PMEL-related in Bos taurus


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Identification of large selective sweeps associated with major genes in cattle. Anim Genet 44:758-62, 2013. Pubmed reference: 23859468. DOI: 10.1111/age.12073.