Gene PRNP : prion protein in Ovis aries

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In other species: Norway rat , taurine cattle , horse , goat , water buffalo , white-tailed deer , Bank vole

Symbol: PRNP

Synonyms: PRPC, Prp, SIP

Description: prion protein

Type of gene: protein-coding

NCBI gene id: 493887

Other designations: major prion protein|alternative prion protein|prion protein (p27-30) (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Gerstmann-Strausler-Scheinker syndrome, fatal familial insomnia)

Links: Homologene , Ensembl

Genomic location: 13:46638372..46658965 [Chromosome accession NC_056066.1]

Related phenes:

OMIA:000944-9940 : Spongiform encephalopathy, susceptibility/resistance to in Ovis aries


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