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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 000185-452646Chediak-Higashi syndromeNeovison visonAmerican mink LYST 2013 2013-11-08
OMIA 001141-452646Tyrosinemia, type IINeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000249-452646CyclopiaNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000197-452646Cleft palateNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000031-452646Coat colour, diluteNeovison visonAmerican mink MLPH 2013 2018-09-15
OMIA 000202-452646Coat colour, albinismNeovison visonAmerican mink TYR 2008 2013-11-08
OMIA 001497-452646Coat colour, HimalayanNeovison visonAmerican mink TYR 2009 2013-11-08
OMIA 001249-452646Coat colour, brownNeovison visonAmerican mink TYRP1 2016 2016-04-13
OMIA 000944-452646Spongiform encephalopathyNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000540-452646HypotrichosisNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000327-452646Ehlers-Danlos syndromeNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000679-452646Muscular dystrophyNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09