OMIA:002328-9615 : Behaviour in Canis lupus familiaris (dog)

In other species: rainbow trout , Japanese medaka , chicken , Great Tit , white-tufted-ear marmoset , Rhesus monkey , Yellow baboon , hamadryas baboon , pygmy chimpanzee , chimpanzee , domestic cat , horse , pig , taurine cattle , indicine cattle (zebu) , goat , sheep , rabbit , deer mice , blackcap , Guinea baboon , Tibetan ground-tit , burrowing owl , Australian zebra finch

Categories: Behaviour / neurological phene

Links to MONDO diseases: No links.

Mendelian trait/disorder: no

Mode of inheritance: Multifactorial

Considered a defect: unknown

Key variant known: no

Genetic engineering: Unknown
Have human generated variants been created, e.g. through genetic engineering and gene editing

Breeds: Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois (Dog) (VBO_0200147), German Shepherd Dog (Dog) (VBO_0200577).
Breeds in which the phene has been documented. For breeds in which a likely causal variant has been documented, see the variant table below

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Nicholas, F. W., Tammen, I., & Sydney Informatics Hub. (2021). OMIA:002328-9615: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) [dataset].


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