Gene ITGB2 : integrin subunit beta 2 in Bos taurus

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In other species: dog , domestic cat

Symbol: ITGB2

Synonyms: CD18

Description: integrin subunit beta 2

Type of gene: protein-coding

NCBI gene id: 281877

Other designations: integrin beta-2|CD18 subunit|Leu-CAM receptor|cell surface adhesion glycoproteins LFA-1/CR3/p150,95 subunit beta|complement receptor C3 subunit beta|integrin, beta 2 (antigen CD18 subunit (p95), lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1, integrin B2)|integrin, beta 2 (complement component 3 receptor 3 and 4 subunit)|leukocyte surface protein

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Genomic location: 1:144788699..144759519 [Chromosome accession NC_037328.1]

Related phenes:

OMIA:000595-9913 : Leukocyte adhesion deficiency, type I in Bos taurus

OMIA:002073-9913 : Resistance/susceptibility to Mannheimia haemolytica leukotoxin in Bos taurus


1992 Shuster, D.E., Bosworth, B.T., Kehrli, M.E. :
Sequence of the bovine CD18-encoding cDNA: comparison with the human and murine glycoproteins. Gene 114:267-71, 1992. Pubmed reference: 1351021. DOI: 10.1016/0378-1119(92)90586-e.

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