OMIA:001258-9823 : Obesity in Sus scrofa (pig)

In other species: crab-eating macaque , dog , domestic cat , horse , rabbit

Categories: Adipose tissue phene

Possibly relevant human trait(s) and/or gene(s)s (MIM numbers): 164160 (gene) , 614962 (trait)

Links to MONDO diseases: No links.

Mendelian trait/disorder: unknown

Considered a defect: yes

Species-specific description: Zhu et al. (2020) used CRISPR/Cas9 technology to knock out the iroquois homeobox 3 (IRX3) gene, which is implicated in human obesity, in Bama minipigs. However, "use of IRX3-/- cells as donor cells for the production of somatic cell-cloned pigs results in a significant decrease in the average live litter size and a significant increase in the average number of stillbirths. Moreover, the birth weight of surviving IRX3-/- somatic cell-cloned pigs is significantly lower, and viability is poor such that all piglets die shortly after birth. ... IRX3 should not be used as a gene editing target to reduce fat content ..."

This phene includes references to studies involving genetically modified organisms (GMO).

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Note: the references are listed in reverse chronological order (from the most recent year to the earliest year), and alphabetically by first author within a year.

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