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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 002317-9986Abnormal gait, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, RORB-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit RORB 2021 2022-10-31
OMIA 000017-9986Adrenal hyperplasia, congenitalOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit CYP11A1 1993 2012-01-22
OMIA 002600-9986Amelogenesis imperfecta, FAM83H-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit FAM83H 2022 2022-11-24
OMIA 000201-9986Coat colour, agoutiOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit ASIP 2010 2020-04-13
OMIA 001249-9986Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit TYRP1 2014 2016-04-29
OMIA 000031-9986Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit MLPH 2013 2021-04-09
OMIA 001199-9986Coat colour, extensionOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit MC1R 2006 2020-02-14
OMIA 000202-9986Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit TYR 2000 2022-09-14
OMIA 000299-9986Dwarfism, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit HMGA2 2017 2022-05-24
OMIA 001160-9986HyperlipidaemiaOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit LDLR 1986 2013-05-17
OMIA 002063-9986Hyperlipidaemia/atherosclerosis, APOE-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit APOE 2016 2021-11-03
OMIA 001566-9986Rex coatOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit LIPH 2011 2016-05-03
OMIA 000770-9986Tremor, X-linkedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit PLP1 1994 2016-05-03
OMIA 001079-9986Yellow fatOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit BCO2 2015 2016-05-03