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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common Name Gene Year Key Mutation First Reported Date Last Modified
OMIA:002562-9689 Biliary tract malformation, congenital Panthera leo lion 2022-11-07
OMIA:002782-9615 Cholelithiasis, susceptibility to Canis lupus familiaris dog 2023-10-04
OMIA:002782-9685 Cholelithiasis, susceptibility to Felis catus domestic cat 2023-10-04
OMIA:001988-9615 Copper toxicosis, COMMD1-related Canis lupus familiaris dog COMMD1 2005 2023-05-03
OMIA:000250-9823 Cystic bile ducts and renal tubules Sus scrofa pig 2005-09-06
OMIA:000252-9685 Cystic liver Felis catus domestic cat 2011-10-17
OMIA:000252-10036 Cystic liver Mesocricetus auratus golden hamster 2022-09-17
OMIA:001524-9615 Gallbladder mucoceles Canis lupus familiaris dog 2010 2022-05-22
OMIA:002567-9615 Gallbladder, agenesis of Canis lupus familiaris dog 2022-09-11
OMIA:000816-9615 Hepatic encephalopathy, portosystemic Canis lupus familiaris dog 2021-08-28
OMIA:000454-9913 Hepatic fibrosis, idiopathic Bos taurus taurine cattle 2005-09-06
OMIA:000454-9615 Hepatic fibrosis, idiopathic Canis lupus familiaris dog 2005-09-06
OMIA:001093-9615 Hepatitis, chronic active Canis lupus familiaris dog 2012-05-21
OMIA:001094-9615 Hepatitis, neonatal Canis lupus familiaris dog 2005-09-06
OMIA:002582-9913 Hepatocellular fibrinogen storage disease Bos taurus taurine cattle DGKG 2023 2023-09-14
OMIA:002755-9940 Hyperbilirubinaemia, SLCO1B3-related Ovis aries sheep SLCO1B3 2018 2023-08-19
OMIA:000561-9615 Inborn error of hepatic metabolism Canis lupus familiaris dog 2005-09-06
OMIA:000605-9913 Lipidosis, hepatic Bos taurus taurine cattle 2022-10-14
OMIA:000605-9685 Lipidosis, hepatic Felis catus domestic cat 2024-06-15
OMIA:001938-9796 Liver fibrosis, congenital, PKHD1-related Equus caballus horse 2024-06-04
OMIA:002392-9615 Liver fibrosis, congential, generic Canis lupus familiaris dog 2021-08-22
OMIA:000640-9615 Menkes disease Canis lupus familiaris dog 2023-10-16
OMIA:000640-9940 Menkes disease Ovis aries sheep 2023-01-12
OMIA:001273-9940 Resistance/susceptibility to Fasciola gigantica Ovis aries sheep 2005-09-06
OMIA:001071-9913 Wilson disease Bos taurus taurine cattle 2005-09-06
OMIA:001071-9615 Wilson disease Canis lupus familiaris dog ATP7B 2016 2023-11-07
OMIA:001071-9685 Wilson disease Felis catus domestic cat ATP7B 2019 2023-07-22
OMIA:001071-9940 Wilson disease Ovis aries sheep 2005-09-06
OMIA:001071-9823 Wilson disease Sus scrofa pig 2005-09-06