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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First Reported
OMIA 000006-9031Achondroplasia, creeperGallus galluschicken IHH 2016
OMIA 000030-9031Alopecia, genericGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000037-9031AmyloidosisGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000038-9031Amyloidosis, AAGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000042-9031AnalphalipoproteinaemiaGallus galluschicken ABCA1 2002
OMIA 001169-9031AscitesGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000097-9031Autoimmune thyroiditis, spontaneousGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000179-9031Cerebellar hypoplasiaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000189-9031ChondrodystrophyGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000197-9031Cleft palateGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000219-9031ColobomaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000249-9031CyclopiaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000278-9031Diabetes insipidusGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000306-9031Dwarfism, crooked neckGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000309-9031Dwarfism, sex-linkedGallus galluschicken GHR 1994
OMIA 000323-9031Ectodermal dysplasiaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000324-9031EctrodactylyGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000344-9031EpilepsyGallus galluschicken LOC430486 2011
OMIA 000369-9031Feather colour, albinismGallus galluschicken TYR 2000
OMIA 000370-9031Feather colour, albinism, sex-linked, imperfectGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001445-9031Feather colour, diluteGallus galluschicken MLPH 2008
OMIA 000374-9031Feather colour, extended blackGallus galluschicken MC1R 2003
OMIA 000394-9031FrizzleGallus galluschicken KRT75 2012
OMIA 000424-9031Goitre, familialGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000452-9031Henny featheringGallus galluschicken CYP19A1 1991
OMIA 001160-9031HyperlipidaemiaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000536-9031HypothyroidismGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000648-9031MicromeliaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000679-9031Muscular dystrophyGallus galluschicken WWP1 2008
OMIA 000750-9031OsteochondrosisGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000810-9031PolydactylyGallus galluschicken sLMBR1, SHH 2010
OMIA 001177-9031PolyuriaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000836-9031ProtoporphyriaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000841-9031Pulmonary hypertensionGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000865-9031Restricted ovulatorGallus galluschicken VLDLR 1995
OMIA 001245-9031Retinal degeneration IGallus galluschicken GC1 1998
OMIA 001101-9031Ribosomal RNA deficiencyGallus galluschicken NOR 1994
OMIA 001202-9031SclerodermaGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000891-9031ScoliosisGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000903-9031ShakerGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001449-9031Skin/shank colour, yellowGallus galluschicken BCO2 2008
OMIA 000944-9031Spongiform encephalopathyGallus galluschicken
OMIA 000963-9031Syndactyly (mule foot)Gallus galluschicken
OMIA 000979-9031Talpid-3Gallus galluschicken KIAA0586 2006
OMIA 001016-9031TremorGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001360-9031Trimethylaminuria (fishy taint)Gallus galluschicken FMO3 2005
OMIA 001041-9031Ventricular septal defectGallus galluschicken
OMIA 001055-9031VitiligoGallus galluschicken