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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 001481-9940Achromatopsia-2, CNGA3-relatedOvis ariessheep CNGA3 2010 2022-01-14
OMIA 000018-9940Afibrinogenaemia or hypofibrinogenaemiaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000022-9940AgnathiaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000030-9940Alopecia, genericOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000033-9940Alzheimer disease, genericOvis ariessheep 2022-11-10
OMIA 000044-9940Anencephaly/ExencephalyOvis ariessheep 2006-01-20
OMIA 000060-9940ArgininaemiaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001723-9940Ataxia, familial episodic spinocerebellarOvis ariessheep FGF14 2017 2021-09-10
OMIA 001595-9940Brachygnathia, cardiomegaly and renal hypoplasia syndromeOvis ariessheep OBSL1 2020 2020-09-19
OMIA 000175-9940Cerebellar abiotrophyOvis ariessheep 2022-10-27
OMIA 001764-9940Choanal atresiaOvis ariessheep 2013-01-09
OMIA 001703-9940Chondrodysplasia, FGFR3-relatedOvis ariessheep FGFR3 1998 2016-04-28
OMIA 001400-9940Chondrodysplasia, SLC13A1-relatedOvis ariessheep SLC13A1 2012 2013-11-25
OMIA 002342-9940Ciliary dyskinesia, primary, CCDC65-relatedOvis ariessheep CCDC65 2022 2022-01-29
OMIA 000197-9940Cleft palateOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000201-9940Coat colour, agoutiOvis ariessheep ASIP 2008 2021-08-25
OMIA 001249-9940Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedOvis ariessheep TYRP1 2007 2019-10-04
OMIA 000031-9940Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedOvis ariessheep MLPH 2020 2020-06-11
OMIA 001199-9940Coat colour, extensionOvis ariessheep MC1R 1999 2022-09-17
OMIA 000243-9940CryptorchidismOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001794-9940Cystic fibrosisOvis ariessheep CFTR 2017 2022-08-24
OMIA 000258-9940Dandy-Walker syndromeOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002413-9940Deafness, OTOF-relatedOvis ariessheep 2021-08-30
OMIA 000328-9940Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (dEDS), ADAMTS2-relatedOvis ariessheep ADAMTS2 2012 2022-06-02
OMIA 001579-9940Ear sizeOvis ariessheep 2021-06-16
OMIA 000319-9940Ears, folded (drop vs prick)Ovis ariessheep 2020-10-23
OMIA 000324-9940EctrodactylyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000327-9940Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000335-9940EncephalomyelopathyOvis ariessheep 2021-09-10
OMIA 000341-9940Epidermolysis bullosa, dystrophicOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001948-9940Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, ITGB4-relatedOvis ariessheep ITGB4 2015 2020-11-30
OMIA 001678-9940Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMC2-relatedOvis ariessheep LAMC2 2011 2013-11-25
OMIA 000348-9940Epitheliogenesis imperfectaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002407-9940Exercise intolerance, cytochrome B-relatedOvis ariessheep CYTB 2019 2021-08-28
OMIA 001885-9940Fecundity, B4GALNT2-relatedOvis ariessheep B4GALNT2 2013 2013-11-14
OMIA 002306-9940Fecundity, BMP15-relatedOvis ariessheep BMP15 2000 2022-11-11
OMIA 000383-9940Fecundity, BMPR1B-relatedOvis ariessheep BMPR1B 2001 2022-11-23
OMIA 002362-9940Fecundity, GDF9-relatedOvis ariessheep GDF9 2004 2022-01-09
OMIA 000392-9940Fragile siteOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000402-9940Gangliosidosis, GM1Ovis ariessheep GLB1 2012 2018-02-08
OMIA 001461-9940Gangliosidosis, GM2, type I (B variant)Ovis ariessheep HEXA 2010 2021-09-17
OMIA 000405-9940Gaucher disease, type IOvis ariessheep GBA 2011 2017-10-17
OMIA 000419-9940Glycogen storage disease IIOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001139-9940Glycogen storage disease VOvis ariessheep PYGM 1997 2012-09-03
OMIA 000424-9940Goitre, familialOvis ariessheep 2012-05-21
OMIA 000426-9940Gonadal hypoplasiaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001813-9940HaemangiosarcomaOvis ariessheep 2013-05-22
OMIA 000437-9940Haemophilia AOvis ariessheep F8 2010 2020-05-22
OMIA 000439-9940Hair, longOvis ariessheep 2021-08-27
OMIA 000459-9940Hernia, diaphragmaticOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000462-9940Hernia, inguinalOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000468-9940Heterochromia irides/iridisOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000473-9940Hip dysplasiaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000478-9940HoloprosencephalyOvis ariessheep 2010-05-12
OMIA 000485-9940Huntington diseaseOvis ariessheep 2022-11-29
OMIA 000487-9940HydrocephalusOvis ariessheep 2021-09-10
OMIA 000493-9940Hydrops foetalisOvis ariessheep 2017-12-08
OMIA 000496-9940Hyperbilirubinaemia IOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000497-9940Hyperbilirubinaemia IIOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000495-9940Hyperbilirubinaemia, unclassifiedOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001672-9940Hyperoxaluria, primary, type I (Oxalosis I)Ovis ariessheep AGXT 2020 2020-11-05
OMIA 000526-9940Hypomyelination of the central nervous systemOvis ariessheep 2022-09-14
OMIA 002162-9940HypophosphatasiaOvis ariessheep ALPL 2018 2022-09-11
OMIA 001542-9940Hypophosphatemic rickets, autosomal recessive, 1Ovis ariessheep DMP1 2011 2013-11-25
OMIA 001187-9940HypospadiasOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000536-9940Hypothyroidism, congenitalOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000540-9940Hypotrichosis, genericOvis ariessheep 2020-01-27
OMIA 002229-9940Hypotrichosis, HR-relatedOvis ariessheep HR 2003 2020-01-27
OMIA 002193-9940Ichthyosis, fetalisOvis ariessheep 2019-04-30
OMIA 000562-9940InfertilityOvis ariessheep 2022-08-24
OMIA 001227-9940Intussusception, susceptibility toOvis ariessheep 2011-10-17
OMIA 000576-9940Knobbed acrosomeOvis ariessheep 2012-05-21
OMIA 000578-9940Krabbe diseaseOvis ariessheep 2011-10-24
OMIA 001867-9940Lissencephaly and cerebellar hypoplasiaOvis ariessheep RELN 2013 2013-11-24
OMIA 000625-9940Mannosidosis, alphaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002176-9940Meckel-like hepatorenal fibrocystic dysplasia syndromeOvis ariessheep TMEM67 2017 2020-03-10
OMIA 002563-9940Melatonin-enriched milkOvis ariessheep sAANAT, ASMT 2017 2022-08-25
OMIA 000640-9940Menkes diseaseOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000642-9940Mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis, type IOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002371-9940Microcephaly, MFSD2A-related (inactive)Ovis ariessheep 2021-08-05
OMIA 001952-9940MicrotiaOvis ariessheep HMX1 2020 2020-01-31
OMIA 000679-9940Muscular dystrophyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002285-9940Muscular dystrophy, TNNT1-relatedOvis ariessheep TNNT1 2020 2020-08-31
OMIA 001354-9940Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling), CallipygeOvis ariessheep DLK1 2002 2012-09-21
OMIA 001426-9940Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling), TexelOvis ariessheep MSTN 2006 2022-10-27
OMIA 000698-9940MyotoniaOvis ariessheep CLCN1 2015 2015-03-08
OMIA 000703-9940NarcolepsyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000710-9940NephropathyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000715-9940Neuroaxonal dystrophy, genericOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002105-9940Neuroaxonal dystrophy, PLA2G6-relatedOvis ariessheep PLA2G6 2020 2020-11-11
OMIA 001504-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 1Ovis ariessheep 2019 2022-09-11
OMIA 001505-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 10Ovis ariessheep LOC443060 2000 2017-12-12
OMIA 001482-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 5Ovis ariessheep CLN5 2008 2013-08-20
OMIA 001443-9940Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, 6Ovis ariessheep CLN6 2006 2013-08-20
OMIA 000735-9940Ocular squamous cell carcinomaOvis ariessheep 2019-03-28
OMIA 000747-9940OsteoarthritisOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000750-9940OsteochondrosisOvis ariessheep 2011-10-04
OMIA 000754-9940Osteogenesis imperfecta, genericOvis ariessheep 2011-10-03
OMIA 002227-9940Otocephaly, OTX2-relatedOvis ariessheep OTX2 2020 2020-01-25
OMIA 002552-9940Pancreatic agenesis, PDX1-relatedOvis ariessheep PDX1 2017 2022-05-31
OMIA 000779-9940Patent ductus arteriosusOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002581-9940Pelvic organ prolapse, susceptibility toOvis ariessheep 2022-10-24
OMIA 000483-9940Polled/HornsOvis ariessheep RXFP2 2011 2020-05-15
OMIA 000807-9940Polycystic kidney diseaseOvis ariessheep 2006-05-06
OMIA 000810-9940PolydactylyOvis ariessheep 2011-10-04
OMIA 001176-9940Porphyria cutanea tardaOvis ariessheep urod 2005 2017-12-12
OMIA 000830-9940Progressive retinal atrophyOvis ariessheep 2022-01-11
OMIA 001691-9940Recombination rateOvis ariessheep 2016-09-08
OMIA 000853-9940Reduced glutathione deficiency due to GCS deficiencyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002385-9940Reproductive seasonalityOvis ariessheep 2021-08-14
OMIA 001694-9940Resistance/susceptibility to lentivirusOvis ariessheep sTMEM154, LOC105603932 2012 2022-09-17
OMIA 002420-9940Sacral agenesisOvis ariessheep 2021-09-10
OMIA 001728-9940Sex determinationOvis ariessheep 2018-03-23
OMIA 000933-9940Spina bifidaOvis ariessheep 2011-02-11
OMIA 000944-9940Spongiform encephalopathy, susceptibility/resistance toOvis ariessheep PRNP 1990 2021-08-30
OMIA 000963-9940SyndactylyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 000975-9940Tail, shortOvis ariessheep 2019-09-10
OMIA 000985-9940Teat / nipple, numberOvis ariessheep 2022-01-20
OMIA 001761-9940Telomere lengthOvis ariessheep 2021-04-23
OMIA 001013-9940TorticollisOvis ariessheep 2013-04-23
OMIA 002601-9940Type I interferon receptor deficiencyOvis ariessheep IFNAR2 2022 2022-11-24
OMIA 001033-9940UrolithiasisOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001041-9940Ventricular septal defectOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001046-9940Vertebral anomaliesOvis ariessheep 2021-09-10
OMIA 001054-9940Vitamin-K-dependent blood coagulation factors deficiencyOvis ariessheep 2006-08-22
OMIA 001765-9940Waardenburg syndrome, type 4AOvis ariessheep EDNRB 2012 2018-01-29
OMIA 001142-9940Wilms tumourOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001071-9940Wilson diseaseOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001079-9940Yellow fatOvis ariessheep BCO2 2010 2021-08-11