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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 002059-9823Abortion due to haplotype 8-2026Sus scrofapig
OMIA 002180-9823Abortion due to haplotype DU1Sus scrofapig TADA2A 2019
OMIA 002181-9823Abortion due to haplotype LA1Sus scrofapig POLR1B 2019
OMIA 002182-9823Abortion due to haplotype LA2Sus scrofapig URB1 2019
OMIA 002183-9823Abortion due to haplotype LA3Sus scrofapig PNKP 2019
OMIA 002184-9823Abortion due to haplotype LA4Sus scrofapig
OMIA 002178-9823Abortion, BBS9-relatedSus scrofapig BBS9 2018
OMIA 001465-9823Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, genericSus scrofapig
OMIA 002044-9823Ataxia telangiectasiaSus scrofapig
OMIA 001091-9823Ataxia, progressiveSus scrofapig
OMIA 002011-9823B-cell deficiencySus scrofapig
OMIA 001089-9823Blood group system ABOSus scrofapig GGTA1 2001
OMIA 000124-9823Blood group system FSus scrofapig
OMIA 000127-9823Blood group system GSus scrofapig
OMIA 000128-9823Blood group system HSus scrofapig
OMIA 001250-9823Blood group system OSus scrofapig
OMIA 000201-9823Coat colour, agoutiSus scrofapig
OMIA 000202-9823Coat colour, albinismSus scrofapig
OMIA 001479-9823Coat colour, black and tanSus scrofapig
OMIA 001362-9823Coat colour, blondSus scrofapig TYRP1 2015
OMIA 001249-9823Coat colour, brownSus scrofapig TYRP1 2011
OMIA 000209-9823Coat colour, dominant whiteSus scrofapig KIT 1996
OMIA 001199-9823Coat colour, extensionSus scrofapig MC1R 1998
OMIA 001743-9823Coat colour, patchSus scrofapig KIT 1998
OMIA 001216-9823Coat colour, roanSus scrofapig KIT 2011
OMIA 001469-9823Coat colour, white beltSus scrofapig
OMIA 001745-9823Coat colour, white belt, KIT-relatedSus scrofapig KIT 2012
OMIA 000200-9823Coat colours, genericSus scrofapig
OMIA 001929-9823Cone-rod dystrophy 6Sus scrofapig
OMIA 001794-9823Cystic fibrosisSus scrofapig
OMIA 000284-9823Diabetes mellitus, type IISus scrofapig
OMIA 001323-9823Dwarfism, LaronSus scrofapig
OMIA 001718-9823Dwarfism, Schmid metaphyseal chondrodysplasiaSus scrofapig COL10A1 2000
OMIA 002157-9823Ectodermal dysplasia-9Sus scrofapig HOXC13 2017
OMIA 001916-9823Familial adenomatous polyposisSus scrofapig
OMIA 000403-9823Gangliosidosis, GM2, genericSus scrofapig
OMIA 000437-9823Haemophilia ASus scrofapig
OMIA 000472-9823Hind limb paralysisSus scrofapig
OMIA 000499-9823HypercholesterolaemiaSus scrofapig LDLR 1998
OMIA 001278-9823Hypotrichosis, dominantSus scrofapig
OMIA 001458-9823Hypotrichosis, juvenile with age-dependent emphysemaSus scrofapig
OMIA 001279-9823Hypotrichosis, recessiveSus scrofapig
OMIA 000550-9823ImmunodeficiencySus scrofapig
OMIA 002161-9823Leg weakness, MSTN-relatedSus scrofapig MSTN 2019
OMIA 000587-9823LeglessSus scrofapig
OMIA 000615-9823LymphosarcomaSus scrofapig
OMIA 000621-9823Malignant hyperthermiaSus scrofapig RYR1 1991
OMIA 001085-9823Meat quality (Rendement Napole)Sus scrofapig PRKAG3 2000
OMIA 000636-9823Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type IISus scrofapig CFH 2002
OMIA 001952-9823MicrotiaSus scrofapig HOXA1 2015
OMIA 001081-9823Muscular dystrophy, Duchenne typeSus scrofapig
OMIA 000683-9823Muscular hypertrophy (double muscling)Sus scrofapig MSTN 2008
OMIA 001088-9823Neonatal diarrhoea, K88/F4, resistance toSus scrofapig
OMIA 001236-9823Nucleoside transport defectSus scrofapig
OMIA 001175-9823Porphyria, congenital erythropoieticSus scrofapig
OMIA 000815-9823Porphyria, unclassifiedSus scrofapig
OMIA 000829-9823Progressive myopathySus scrofapig
OMIA 000834-9823Protamine-2 deficiencySus scrofapig
OMIA 001257-9823Renal cystsSus scrofapig
OMIA 000862-9823Resistance to oedema disease (F18 receptor)Sus scrofapig FUT1 2000
OMIA 001726-9823Resistance to Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesuis (SC)Sus scrofapig
OMIA 001413-9823Retinitis pigmentosaSus scrofapig
OMIA 001574-9823Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomal, T cell-negative, B cell-negative, NK cell-positiveSus scrofapig
OMIA 001986-9823Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, autosomal, T cell-negative, B cell-negative, NK cell-positive, with sensitivity to ionizing radiationSus scrofapig DCLRE1C 2015
OMIA 000899-9823Severe combined immunodeficiency disease, X-linkedSus scrofapig
OMIA 001334-9823Sperm, short tailSus scrofapig SPEF2 2006
OMIA 001673-9823Spermatogenic arrestSus scrofapig TEX14 2011
OMIA 001685-9823Stress syndromeSus scrofapig DMD 2012
OMIA 001200-9823Tremor, high-frequencySus scrofapig MYH7 2012
OMIA 000770-9823Tremor, X-linkedSus scrofapig
OMIA 002054-9823TumourSus scrofapig
OMIA 002078-9823Tyrosinemia, type ISus scrofapig
OMIA 000837-9823Vitamin D-deficiency rickets, type ISus scrofapig CYP27B1 2003
OMIA 001058-9823Von Willebrand disease IIISus scrofapig VWF 2018
OMIA 001056-9823Von Willebrand disease, genericSus scrofapig
OMIA 001401-9823Waardenburg syndrome, type 2ASus scrofapig MITF 2016
OMIA 001256-9823Woolly hairSus scrofapig