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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 000112-9913Bleeding diathesisBos tauruscattle 2021-09-25
OMIA 000113-9913Bleeding disorderBos tauruscattle 2021-09-25
OMIA 000117-9913Blood group system ABos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000120-9913Blood group system BBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000121-9913Blood group system CBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000124-9913Blood group system FBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000130-9913Blood group system JBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000132-9913Blood group system LBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000133-9913Blood group system MBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000139-9913Blood group system SBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 001631-9913Blood group system T'Bos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000116-9913Blood group systems, genericBos tauruscattle 2020-08-20
OMIA 002218-9913Diamond-Blackfan anaemia 7Bos tauruscattle 2020-04-09
OMIA 000363-9913Factor XI deficiencyBos tauruscattle F11 2000 2022-05-23
OMIA 000430-9913Haemolytic anaemiaBos tauruscattle 2020-12-04
OMIA 000437-9913Haemophilia ABos tauruscattle F8 2009 2019-03-02
OMIA 001228-9913SpherocytosisBos tauruscattle SLC4A1 1996 2013-06-07
OMIA 001001-9913ThrombocytopeniaBos tauruscattle 2005-09-06
OMIA 001003-9913ThrombopathiaBos tauruscattle 2021-09-25
OMIA 002433-9913Thrombopathia, RASGRP2-relatedBos tauruscattle RASGRP2 2007 2021-09-25
OMIA 001056-9913Von Willebrand disease, genericBos tauruscattle 2005-09-06