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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common Name Gene
OMIA 000089-9913Atrial septal defectBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000159-9913Cardiac anomalyBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000160-9913CardiomyopathyBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000161-9913Cardiomyopathy and woolly haircoat syndromeBos tauruscattle PPP1R13L
OMIA 000162-9913Cardiomyopathy, dilatedBos tauruscattle OPA3
OMIA 000515-9913Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophicBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000446-9913Heart defect, congenitalBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000779-9913Patent ductus arteriosusBos tauruscattle
OMIA 000795-9913Persistent truncus arteriosusBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001218-9913Persistent truncus arteriosus with ventricular septal defect and patent foramen ovaleBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001041-9913Ventricular septal defectBos tauruscattle
OMIA 001043-9913Ventricular septal defect with atrioventricular valvular anomalyBos tauruscattle